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We turn your consumers purchase into NFT

The future of e-commerce is with blockchain.
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Our Story

We are 3 entrepreneurs in love with the blockchain technology.

Our background brought us to help brands with their multiple digital marketing and e-commerce challenges. That's how we created Primsell.

Our Vision

We believe that the future of e-commerce is with blockchain. It will take time for brands to master this technology so we want to accelerate this process by providing an end-to-end solution without the need to have any blockchain expert internally.


We provide a fintech solution helping brands to turn their consumers purchase into NFT. It will add another revenue stream, increase the transaction security, track and get royalties from secondary sales as well as get new market insights.

Who are we

How it works

Build your NFT campaign in a few minutes.

Through a couple of steps, you can build your own NFT campaign linked to a physical or digital product. Set up your 3D design, pricing, communication strategy, redeem codes in less than 5 minutes.

Track your data.

As soon as you launch your NFT campaign publicly, you are able to track all the revenue, market, price trends and insightful data from your buyers through smooth CRM and Dashboards.

How it works
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